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Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

Pat AmosNicholas Herrera
Liz WolfMike Masse
John BryanWilliam Morris
Susan ContrerasB.C. Nowlin
Enrico EmbroliHib Sabin
Richard Garriot-StejskalNorman Tait
Kim GoldfarbNorman Tait
Kevin HardinPatti Warashina
Nicholas HerreraLiz Wolf
Richard HuntNicholas Herrera
Stan HuntPeter Wright
Peter Wright


Limited Edition

Limited Edition Bronzes & Glass Sculpture

Limited Edition Bronzes, Blown and Sculpted Glass, and Cast Glass are the heart of our business. Featured artists include Martin Blank, John Bryan, Enrico Embroli, Richard Garriott-Stejskal, Kim Goldfarb, Kevin Hardin, Richard Hunt, Stan Hunt, Ron Layport, William Morris, Hib Sabin, Norman Tait & Lucinda Turner, Patti Warashina, Liz Wolf, Steve Worthington, and Peter Wright.

Collographs and Giclees by Susan Contreras, Hand-embellished Giclees by BC Nowlin, and Figurative Mixed Media and Paintings by Kim Goldfarb are also available through Wright Publishing Company.